17 08, 2017

Teaching Dogs New Tricks

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Written By: Eric Smith Originally Published in Texas Living Magazine August 2017 Dogs Man's Best Friend The eternal stalwart that remains by your side through thick and thin. These fiercely loyal animals can become part of a family. Many adults have childhood memories dotted, and in some cases signposted, by their family pets. Whether it [...]

6 03, 2017

Dog Training – Setting A Chain Of Events

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Your Dog Will Understand And Know What To Do When training a dog  you must set up a chain of events and as long as you keep the chain of events the same the dog will understand the links in the chain and know exactly what to do. He will understand how to achieve pleasure [...]

4 03, 2017

The Dog Command That Must Be Obeyed

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The Most Important Dog Command When I talk about the three actions by far the most important is come when called. This has to be a command that is obeyed every time. At some point in a dogs life that obedience of come when called will save it's life. The other two actions have a little [...]

2 03, 2017

Three Actions To Train Your Dog

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Building Blocks For A Dog To Understand The three actions it takes to train a dog are come, go and be stationary. These three actions are building blocks for a dog to understand how to solve their problems. Teaching Your Dog To Come Come, is the most important. It teaches the dog that coming to [...]

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