Dog Training TexasBuilding Blocks For A Dog To Understand

The three actions it takes to train a dog are come, go and be stationary. These three actions are building blocks for a dog to understand how to solve their problems.

Teaching Your Dog To Come

Come, is the most important. It teaches the dog that coming to you and being with you will give him safety and comfort.

Teaching Your Dog To Stay

Being stationary is the second action. It’s important that a dog knows that being stationary away from you will also give them safety and pleasure.

Teaching Your Dog To Go Away

The third is to go away from you. That is a tough one in relation because a dog generally has to go from you to a safe place ( which is a safe place) to another safe place.

It is important for the dog to understand these three actions. If you can teach these and keep them in behavioral balance then your dog will have the tools to solve any problems he may encounter.