Teaching Come CommandThe Most Important Dog Command

When I talk about the three actions by far the most important is come when called. This has to be a command that is obeyed every time. At some point in a dogs life that obedience of come when called will save it’s life. The other two actions have a little wiggle room.

It’s Not Going To Hurt The Dog

If we have to say it twice that’s OK. We would rather not, but it’s not going to hurt the dog. The Word come or hear is not a voting issue. In dog training there are very few absolutes but come when called is one.

A Dog Trainer’s Most Challenging Job

As a dog trainer my most challenging job is to mold a good working attitude in the dog because the dog is a pack animal and is usually looking for some kind of guidance from somebody. Once we establish ourselves as being leader and the dog understanding that, it will get is gratification from you. He will look at you with the respect and devotion like you have never seen before. This is truly the hardest part of dog training

Actions are not as hard, they can be challenging, but a good working attitude is extremely important.