Mitzee has shocked us once again.

Alert dogs are superLast night we were struggling getting Kaylee’s numbers to come down.   Her pump site had failed earlier in the day and her Dex was saying she was 356.

Mitzee came and alerted to Kaylee…..she came and alerted to me then Mark.

We told Kaylee to go ahead and check her blood with a finger stick and she was 418.

This is the highest she has been since Mitzee has been home from River’s Edge Nancy Cadle.   She alerted to a high!   It isn’t something they train the dogs but many of them pick up on the chemical change on their own and alert.    Mitzee did just that.   We are so proud of Mitzee and thankful for her lifesaving nose.   She has also alerted today to Kaylee being low.

Thank you God for creating such smart animals.

Mitzee’s service vest needs to be called a service cape.