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PTSD Dog Training

After a traumatic event, some people find themselves with a variety of symptoms including flashbacks to the event, avoidant behavior, change in mental state and hyperarousal – easy to startle, trouble concentrating and sleeping. Those are all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which afflicts an estimated 7.8% of Americans. We specialize in training dogs to not only provide comfort to sufferers of PTSD but also medical intervention.

PTSD Dogs Provide a Sense of Security

A PTSD dog can provide a sense of security, calming effects, and physical exercise that can make a positive difference in the life of those that suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder. These dogs are individually trained to perform tasks that help with their handler’s disability. Training may include assessing the situation to determine if the owner is in danger, helping the handler out of stressful situations and retrieving objects. The emotional support these dogs provide is also inestimable. A PTSD dog can be a vital addition to the life of a veteran or other survivor of a traumatic experience.