Dog Obedience Training

Training Dogs to be Obedient

Our obedience program is about instilling a good working attitude for the dog.

When the dog understands that you, as the owner, are in charge he will look at you much differently. The dog will understand that he has choices to make and that he will get pleasure when he makes the right choice.

The program is designed to always allow the dog to make a choice. Most people when training a dog usually tell the dog what not to do, our program is all about telling dogs what to do. We allow them to make a decision and they will be rewarded if they make a good choice.

It’s all about a chain of events. If we teach the dog that we are the last link in the chain of events, and that is where he derives his pleasure from, that is what he is going to want to do. Always make yourself as the pleasurable part of the equation. That is how we end up with a happy, animated dog and not a fearful or skittish dog.

A Time-tested Dog Training System

When we meet with our clients the three primary issues that most people encounter are jumping, not coming when called and pulling on the lead. We have a time-tested system for dealing with all three of these behaviors.

Jumping Up

Our program is about teaching a dog that jumping will not solve his problem, but four on the floor will solve his problem. He will learn that by not jumping he will get the attention he is after.

Coming When Called

This is probably the most important action that a dog trainer can teach a dog. Everything else we do with dogs might not be so concrete, but coming on call has to be a non-voting issue. It very well could save his life one day and make him be a much better member of your family.

Pulling A Lead

This is the third most common cause for dogs that come in for obedience training. It seems to be the one most people work the hardest at and never actually get finished. At the end of our program the dog will walk with a loose lead and be much more enjoyable to walk with.