We are Terry and Nancy Cadle, the owners and trainers at Rivers Edge Dog Academy. We founded Rivers Edge back in 1986 when we saw a true need for quality service dogs. We have seen firsthand the value that a service dog can bring to a person and family. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to have the service dog that can help them achieve their goals and provide assistance in alerting them to an oncoming situation.

We have been professionally training all forms of working dogs for over 3 decades. We specialize inĀ Diabetic Alert, Mobility Assistance, Epilepsy, P.T.S.D., Hearing Impaired assistance and Emotional Support Dogs.

Training service dogs continues to be such a warm and uplifting experience for us. Watching a dog transform into a dedicated lifesaver is something that will truly never get old.

For the past 30 years of our career, a large part of what we have done is behavior modification and the teaching of the importance of a strong dog/client relationship.

We have trained not only dogs from all over the country, but we have also trained hundreds of trainers on how to mold their own dogs to be obedient and dependable working dogs that are also part of their family. Our goal is to form a long lasting partnership for people and their dog that will help them for many years to come.

We work very hard on matching the dog with the person. It is our goal to find a team that will work well together!